Tania, age 43, UK

Testimonial Depression

Dan Mullane, age 23, Electrician, Yorkshire

Before my session, I found life difficult. I had become recently single as well as financially depleted. Getting out of bed and doing anything productive felt alien to me. I didn’t value myself and couldn’t see a lighter path ahead. I was suffering from depression, mainly due to losing someone close to me and not feeling good enough to sustain a romantic relationship -especially due to my impulsive nature and frequent pursuit of letting myself down. It made me feel like I’m not worthy to be a part of other people’s lives. As a guy in this day and age I find it can be very difficult to pick yourself back up out of a fall due to there being little to no positive reinforcement from the media.

The first session with Alicia was the only session I needed! I immediately felt lighter and less hateful towards myself for the choices I’ve made. I’ve come to accept the things that I’ve done and I don’t let them weigh me down. The chronic, physical pain I used to get in my abdomen during a wave of apathy hasn’t visited me since the session. This is very significant as for me the depressive episodes used to burn me inside. Like my body didn’t want to go on.

The experience was surprising. I never believed I could be hypnotised. So being in hypnosis for over 2 hours was a very significant experience. The physical sensation of undergoing hypnosis and the attention and clear love I received from Alicia (even via video call) was a huge change for me in my head. She broke down a lot of inhibiting beliefs I had about myself, so I was able to see my past as it should be viewed - not the way I previously viewed it which fed a negative narrative.

I can’t think of anyone better than Alicia to give RTT. I would personally recommend her for her voice alone!

Testimonial Self-esteem self-image

Alison Todd, age 52, Tutor, UK

I had tried traditional hypnotherapy and talking therapies, but before the RTT session with Alicia, I had real problems liking what I saw in the mirror and just suffered low self-esteem about my appearance in general and the cruelty in particular of the ageing process. I was never feeling happy with how I looked. I didn’t believe that I was lovable. I felt convinced my partner would prefer someone better/better looking so I didn’t trust him. I felt jealous.

I felt amazing after the session. Like a huge weight shifted. I literally looked in the mirror and could see a beautiful person looking back at me. I was convinced I even looked better physically! My partner agreed. I went downstairs and said to my partner ‘look, I’m beautiful’ and he said 'yes, you do look glowing'. I feel great now.

The session itself was very enlightening, revealing some deeply-buried root causes for my issues around my physical appearance and lack of confidence in how I look. We were able to move through some pretty emotional scenes where I was able to see that my irrational childhood self had built up some false and unhelpful beliefs about myself. Once I had released these, Alicia talked me through a wonderful transformational message to my subconscious mind. Deep in trance I was able to allow these new positive beliefs to begin to take root in my subconscious. This has been consolidated during the past 21 days and beyond where I have listened daily to the personalised recording. I now feel delightfully positive about my looks and am able to look in the mirror daily and actually like what I see!

I would strongly recommend Alicia as a therapist. I loved Alicia’s calm voice, her wonderful energy of love and kindness and I got the sense that she was wholeheartedly committed to genuinely helping. She is a wonderful therapist, full of empathy and kindness. She is professional, thorough and knowledgeable. She made me feel very relaxed and comfortable from the very start of my in-depth session with her.

OverallI’d describe the experience as very intense, in-depth, thorough, cathartic, enlightening, and uplifting! I felt REALLY relaxed and refreshed afterwards. I learnt how much small childhood issues can grow and stay with us and how easy they are to overcome with RTT.

Thank you Alicia!

Testimonial fear to confidence

Zuzana Krajicova, age 41, Czech Republic

I had tried some common therapies before, one of the therapies was actually quite harmful. I did not find any solution or relief… until Alicia. I was a bit lost, was quite scared about talking about my spiritual experiences – visions - as I felt that people would not comprehend. I would rarely talk to anyone about my inner world and that half of my life. I felt really alone and very uncomfortable, like I was carrying heavy weights. 

The session was a great relief
, I could see things that were bothering me and finally understand them. Alicia has an immense talent for hypnotherapy, really quite a rare unique talent as she is incredibly empathetic and also has a gift of an angelic voice, therefore I just love to listen to her recordings every day as it makes me confident about my mission in life. I feel much braver.

A session with Alicia is the most rewarding, life-changing experience and the best step towards your dreams and inner freedom. Working with dear Alicia is different because she has the most exceptional talent of empathy I have ever come across. Her words and questions are spot on. And I have a feeling she connects deep down straight with unconsciousness. Most of the therapist don't know the way, but I know she is connected and has a divine gift - very special and unique.

If I could pay anything, I would pay a lot. Alicia, if I was a millionaire I would buy you a dream house and would go to see you for a session every other week! I definitely recommend Alicia. If I could, I would promote her worldwide!

Alicia, I am very grateful that you offered me help as it came at the most important time. I think I would have broken down otherwise. You are an angel to me and hope we will stay friends for life.

Gerard, age 55, UK

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