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The Science Behind Transformation

I use powerful hybrid methods to combines the most effective techniques from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, quantum linguistics, family constellations and more. Each of these is a highly respected and effective form of therapy in itself.

My work leads to such rapid, profound and long-lasting transformation by utilising leading scientific principles, such as neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the ability of neural networks in the brain to physically change. This means the mind can ‘re-wire’ or ‘remodel’ itself - new neural pathways can be created, while unhelpful beliefs and behaviours can be replaced(by eliminating or altering old neural connections).

We can biologically break down the circuits in the brain that are connected to the “old self” -with all the old patterns and limitations- and replace them with new connections and circuits. So YOU can rapidly ‘fine-tune’ your mind to step into your desired version of yourself.

In addition, the science of Epigenetics shows that an organism’s perception of its environment controls its behaviour and gene activity. Epigenetics refers to the layer of information that sits on top of our genes, it's a second genetic code that basically controls the activity and programming of the DNA, meaning that our consciousness actively controls our genes.

So we're not determined by our genes - we can actually influence the way our genes are expressed, by making epigenetic changes. Scientific studies have shown us that, health issues, for example, can be traced back to early childhood experiences (environmental influence). Because the experience of stressful events had the child’s mind “pull switches” at a DNA level, leading to a reorganisation of the genes and ultimately the child’s physiology. Now, we can harness These mechanisms to shape our biology in a way that serves us.

So my work creates change in the mind AND body.

As mentioned, I also utilise techniques from hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy has been a medically recognised therapeutic tool for many years. It’s highly effective in creating positive physical, emotional, and behavioural change. During hypnotherapy the patient is guided into hypnosis – a natural state of relaxed focus. More specifically, hypnosis is a state of focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness, in which the subject has enhanced receptivity.

Contrary to popular belief, this state of hypnosis is not like being asleep, but rather being intensely concentrated on something. It’s similar to being in ‘flow state’, or being so engrossed in something of interest that you start to ignore everything around you*.
*See FAQs for more on this.

Hypnosis is so important because it allows a person’s subconscious mind to come to the forefront, i.e. allows direct communication with the subconscious mind. You see, although you are usually only aware of thought processes taking place in your conscious mind, your subconscious mind is actually always working with your conscious mind. The subconscious mind is a programmed, or ‘habit’ mind, and importantly, it is much more powerful than your conscious mind – the subconscious does much of your thinking and ultimately decides a lot of what you do. That’s why when we try to change consciously, it is so often ineffective – you need your subconscious mind to be on board with you. In fact, science has shown that only 5% of the day are we running our lives from our conscious mind (which holds all our personal wishes and desires). Yes – 95% of the day, we are operating from our subconscious mind and the ‘programs’ that it runs. So if you want to change your life (thoughts, habits and behaviours) you need to change your subconscious mind.

“When we change the programs in the subconscious, we rewrite the character of our lives”
- Dr. Bruce Lipton

So how do you change your subconscious programs?
There are very, very few ways to rewrite the subconscious mind. You can use repetition, or 'habituation', to create new habits – but this is very time-consuming and requires a lot of consistent effort. A much easier way is through hypnosis - the process through which you downloaded the subconscious programs in the first place (in the first 7 years of your life).


Here are some frequently asked questions, with honest answers.
Should I be scared of hypnosis?

Simply put, no! Hypnosis is a completely safe, natural state. It just feels like being deeply relaxed. It’s important to note that you, the client, are always in control - the therapist can never make you do or say anything you do not wish to. And should you choose to at any point, you can come immediately out of hypnosis on your own – you can never be “stuck”.

Did you know?

We actually go into “spontaneous hypnosis” on a regular basis. Spontaneous hypnosis is simply the alteration in human awareness. This happens when we daydream, when we concentrate intensely on a task (Barabasz & Barabasz, 2015) i.e. ‘flow state’, when watching TV, falling asleep, or performing meditative practices.

Will it be like the stage hypnosis where the hypnotist can make you do anything?

No. Not at all. You never give up control of your mind or your body during hypnotherapy and you’re never unconscious. It’s actually a heightened state of awareness; you will remember everything that happens during the session.

Did you know?

Hypnosis works for nearly every issue.
For example, it can help you: lose weight, eliminate anxiety, boost motivation and discipline, heal physical issues, reduce pain, overcome addictions, change your habits, and break free of mental illness.

Can anyone be hypnotised? Can you really help me?

Yes. You have nothing to worry about. There are no physical reasons why everyone can’t enter a hypnotic state. And it’s okay if you’re concerned or nervous; you’re in great, very experienced hands. I work with you to make sure you still get amazing results just like all my clients.


Take a look at the testimonials below - I’ve helped many people who came to me anxious, nervous, doubtful, worried, you name it!
all loved the session and they got just as brilliant results!


"Before our first session, Alicia made me a phenomenal recording - as I felt extremely nervous about my first session as hypnosis was a new thing for me. I listened to her recording for about a week and it really got me into the moment and I felt I could do anything. On the day of my session she made sure that I was comfortable, and she used such a charming yet commanding voice. Alicia was so caring...
Alicia made the process easy and relaxing and I felt that I could trust her with my life."

- Georgie. D, England

"To be honest there were numerous unexpected benefits as I was very sceptical of the whole process. My anxiety is gone, my confidence and self-esteem is through the roof, I am eating healthier and more regularly and I love training. I feel like a brand new me."
- Linda J, USA

"Alicia was not like a usual therapist, it was like talking to a friend from the start. She made me feel comfortable and the whole process was far more enjoyable than I would have imagined.
...During the session I felt a burden lifted off me. I couldn’t believe how different I felt. I would 100% recommend Alicia to anyone with stress, depression or anxiety."

- S.W, age 32, Civil Servant, London

"Don’t knock it ‘till you try it! It’s almost unbelievable how a comfortable, relaxing session can lead to fearlessness and success in my sport. It almost feels like a cheat-code for your life…"
- Ben. M, age 24, Snowboarder, France

"Alicia is the most phenomenal person to do a session with and she took amazing notes about all my issues and made sure she did not miss any details. She made it personal and to my absolute need and liking. She is an extraordinary therapist and person who shows empathy, rapport and understanding. "
- H.S, South Africa

"Alicia is an amazing soft-spoken person who really cares for her client’s. She speaks to your soul and understands your pain. Her guidance is amazing and her voice is so soothing.
...And she pays attention to detail and I love that because I am a detail person. "

- G.J, England

"Even before our session I felt completely at ease thanks to Alicia’s professionalism and warmth. She was very thorough during our preliminary call ensuring she understood what I wanted, and it was clear during the session itself that she had taken everything on board. I felt in very safe hands throughout and I know I wouldn’t have accessed such helpful insights about the asthma I was diagnosed with in childhood otherwise. . The session itself was very emotional and surprising, and I felt different straight away. Listening to the recording she provided me with led to even more release. I no longer panic if I don’t have my inhaler with me at all times, knowing I am able to control the way I breathe. I am particularly grateful for the care she took in researching the background and what I needed, and would definitely have a session with her again."
- S.R, Doctor, UK

"Her friendly and kind nature made me feel safe and at ease right from the start."
- I.K, age 56, Hungary

"I was lucky enough to have an RTT session with Alicia. She instantly made me feel at ease and explained the structure of the session. She is very professional and competent, uncovering some things that I didn't even realise I had been holding onto for many years, which were having an impact on my life. During the session Alicia addressed these issues and taught me how to put them behind me, leaving them in the past. I instantly felt lighter, like a weight had been lifted. I feel more positive and confident which continues to grow everyday. I would certainly recommend Alicia and would not hesitate to have more sessions with her myself."
- Kay Paine, age 56, Cornwall

"Before my session with Alicia I found I was very self critical of myself and this would weigh me down mentally and demotivate me. After just one session I found that the self critical voice has completely disappeared and I am a lot more positive. This has really helped me become more productive and be more optimistic and confident in my own abilities."
- M.M, age 42, Marketing specialist, London
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