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Alicia Rios Wilks Radical Freedom Coach

"I started my career in science, gaining a First-Class Honours degree in Biology with Professional Placement from the University of Bath. There, I won an award for my scientific research overseas.

I spent a year in biomedical research at the Garvan Institute - one of the premier medical research institutes in Australia. As a result of my research there, I became a published author of a paper in the scientific journal 'The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology'.

It was my passion for the science behind helping people that led me to discover RTT® and hypnosis. From there I trained in person with Marisa Peer, founder of RTT®, and became a licensed professional RTT® therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I studied the work of William Whitecloud and trained with Christopher M. Duncan, creator of the Magnetic Mind Rapid Recode™, to master Superconscious Healing, Conscious Creation and become a certified Magnetic Mind Coach.

As the Radical Freedom Movement Leader & Coach, I now help people to apply all of these principles to manifest the life of their dreams.

Aside from my academic pursuits, I was also an athlete. I was a national level competitive swimmer. Here, I learnt that it's very common for the top athletes of the world to use hypnosis to take their abilities to the next level. In fact, top performers in all pursuits have been known to harness the power of hypnosis for self-improvement. And that's now just one of the many results I offer to clients."
Alicia Rios Wilks is an internationally recognised, multi-award-winning Thought Leader, Coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

As the pioneer of the Rapid Consciousness Transformation Method (RCTM)™, she is an innovator in combining human consciousness, mind and body transformation, and breakthrough performance.

She creates heart-centered spaces for others to learn how to live an unlimited life, permanently release struggle, connect to their unique superconscious genius and live their true nature and purpose.

"I help people escape the trap of old patterns, identities & shackles of the mind to live in ease, joy & freedom.

Because I believe everyone deserves that. Certainly including you.

A life of Radical Freedom is a life connected to the infinite potential that is yours in truth:
your potential to consciously create ANY reality you desire from a place of truth and power.

It's beyond freedom.

My vision is a world in which every person is the fullest expression of their true Self, connected to their unique genius, living a life they love.

My mission?
To show the way to
Radical Freedom."

- Alicia

Alicia Rios Wilks
Alicia Rios Wilks, BSc(Hons), RTT, Cl.Hyp, MMC
Founder of Radical Freedom®
Multi-Award-Winning Thought Leader
Senior-Level Executive Contributor at Brainz Magazine
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