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Do your top 3 struggles sound something like this?

I’m afraid of wasting time doing the wrong things, or not doing things right.

I go back and forth between doing “all the things” but pushing myself into exhaustion, and doing nothing because everything seems hopeless.

No matter how much I achieve, I don’t feel like I can relax and enjoy myself without losing control.

If they do, then this FREE Ultimate Achievers Package was made for YOU - so that you can create the life you desire without trapping yourself in self-doubt, anxiety & sabotage.

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Alicia Rios Wilks Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor
The Sobering Truth About Addiction
The Sobering Truth About Addiction
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The Way Most People Use Affirmations Is A Dead End by Alicia Rios Wilks
The Way Most People Use Affirmations Is A Dead End by Alicia Rios Wilks

Teaching & Practices

To support you in creating a life that you love.
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Here are some samples for you to explore...

Why You Feel STUCK In Life & How To Access The Life You Desire

Ever wondered WHY you have the life you have?
Ever feel STUCK?
Ever wanted to know how on earth to get to access the life you truly WANT? ... The kind of life you see others living, but that just feels out of reach for you...

This episode will speak to all those thoughts, and give you clarity around what needs to happen in order for you to start flowing towards your true desires.

YOU can join my coaching program too! Find out more by clicking here.

How Your Desires Can Turn Into ADDICTIONS

In this episode, I dive deep into how our harmless desires can - blamelessly and innocently - turn into harmful addictions.

You'll gain a deep understanding of how desires are formed and how we can develop obsessive and addictive patterns.

If you are stuck in obsessive or addictive patterns, there is a way out. I've walked that path and if you choose so, I will stand by you as you walk yours.

You CAN escape the trap of old patterns, identities and shackles of the mind to live in ease, joy and Radical Freedom.

YOU can join my coaching program too! Find out more by clicking here.

Heart Connection Mindfulness Meditation

A meditation to give you the space and time to connect in with your heart, giving it thanks and allowing for healing.
Use this mindfulness practice to give yourself the peace and appreciation that you so deserve.

And if you haven't heard it today, just know that you are loved, you matter and I care about you.
I wish you love, light and Radical Freedom.

Clear & Transcend Negative Emotions

Safely neutralize and transcend negative emotions when they arise. Turn emotions into intelligence by understanding their purpose, and allow them to move through easily and fully. Then, raise your vibration to reach tranquillity and joy.

I wish you love, light and Radical Freedom.

Experience Your Mind Like The Ocean (For Deep Calm)

This is a mindfulness practice that you can use to calm your mind when worries, fears or unwanted thoughts are present.
We will first practice directing your focus, so that you can utilise your attention in ways that serve you and bring you peace. And through the breath, we will enter a state of deep calm where we can experience the mind as a vast ocean.

Come back to this Mindfulness Moment whenever you seek peace in your mind.
I wish you love, light and Radical Freedom.

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