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Step into your fullest expression.
Rapid Transformational Therapy® | rapid consciousness transformation Method™ | magnetic mind™ coaching

Rapid Transformational Therapy®

Eliminate Limiting Beliefs, Heal your past, And Rewire Your Mind For Success.


Rapid Consciousness Transformation Method™

Heal, Remove Limits And Recode All 3 Levels Of Consciousness For Total Transformation.
Step Into Your Power And Align With Your Desired Life.

Magnetic Mind

Magnetic Mind Coaching

Learn How To Use The Latest Neurological Breakthroughs To Achieve Total Freedom And Manifest Your Dream Life.

The Radical Freedom® Transformation Intensive

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This is a 3+ month program where you'll work with me 1-on-1 to step into your power, start living your true nature & highest purpose, and become the conscious creator of your life.

I will teach you the 5-step superconscious method to manifest anything and everything you desire in life. This may sound like a big promise, but there IS a way to reliably, predictably manifest ANY goal.

Once you understand the nature of our consciousness and the structure of reality, you can harness your full potential and turn your greatest desires and dreams into reality.

I teach how to live in Radical Freedom - that means being your true, full, authentic self - showing up exactly as you wish to and creating everything you truly want in life.


As the pioneer of a revolutionary and ground-breaking method designed for the most powerful and rapid transformation humanly possible, I facilitate huge, lasting shifts in mind and body by working in-depth with all three levels of consciousness simultaneously.

As a former scientist, my method is unique in its ability to harness scientifically validated modalities to create multidimensional transformation.

I use science-backed methods to:

Rewire neurological pathways to recode the mind, release trauma and reset the nervous system

Align 100% of your consciousness to your desired reality so that you can start living a life you love

Connect you to your unique genius, your intuition and your gifts

Empower you to step into your superconscious power and live your true nature and purpose

Teach you how to consciously create a life you love and live from your heart, guided by your superconscious

Educate you about the power of your consciousness and how to live an unlimited life

Create performance-enhancing experiences for those looking to be high-level performers

Create physical health transformations


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A new orientation to life, living the "Core 4 choices" everyday, which means:
Loving your life,
Living from your power,
Living your true nature and purpose,
Creating health and vitality.

The knowledge of exactly how to make any goal inevitable. You'll understand the missing piece to personal development and why most people don’t achieve their goals, and why they struggle in life.
You will learn how to achieve big results with ease, flow, clarity and confidence - no more struggle, sabotage or "stuckness".

The 5-step superconscious code that helps you access 100% of your consciousness, and redesign how you show up in the world - by recoding all the instructions that make you you (the instructions that determine the way you behave, feel and physically show up in life).

Personal transformation. This outcome is often the one my clients value the most. The work we do shifts the way you experience yourself, and the way you experience your life.
The results my clients have created have of course depended on what they wanted to create, but to give you an idea, they range from:

- creating sky-high self-esteem
- transforming depression into massive self-worth and love for life
- eliminating anxiety and stepping into unshakable confidence
- swapping self-doubt for unwavering self-belief and momentum
- embracing deep self-love and self-respect
- stepping into their fullest self-expression and sharing it with the world 


I'm on a mission to create a Radical Freedom movement - to liberate people from BS rules and limitations.

We're taught we CAN'T "have it all" in life... I'm here to tell you we can. We just have to know how.

I truly believe the greatest thing we can do here on Earth is to live a life that we love. That is when we embody the fullest expression of our true self. And your fully expressed Self is your gift to the world.

I want to live in a world that gets to benefit from - and celebrate - the unique genius in every person. Because that's a world filled with love, light and joy. It's a world of harmony, peace, fun and expansion. It's time we awaken to the truth of who we are - our infinite nature and limitless potential.

So my question to you is, are you in?

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I'm serious about my transformation
& I want to apply!
"It almost feels like a cheat-code for your life"
- Ben. M, age 24, snowboarder, France
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A full client review of the
Radical Freedom Transformation Intensive

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Louise, age 32, England

What was life like before working with Alicia?

Awful. I was very anxious and I wasn't really living. I had a feeling of hopelessness and I was just getting through the days because I had to.
There was no joy, or very limited joy. I didn't feel like myself at all. I felt like I'd completely lost myself and that feeling of who I was.
I didn't feel confident about myself. I didn't feel confident on my own.
My self-worth was very low. When relationships weren't working out I felt like it was because of me - I'd think "there must be something wrong with me".
I was looking at everyone around me and thinking "well, why are they able to love their lives and enjoy what they're doing and be happy? And I'm stuck here not feeling good about myself, not feeling good about my life, not really feeling like I had any specific purpose or any kind of enjoyment or getting anything out of life."

What are some of the main results from Alicia's “Radical Freedom Transformation Program”?

The anxiety and panic attacks have disappeared. I don't feel panicky at all anymore. I can't even remember the last time I felt that way!
I now feel like I am my true self. I feel like I'm Louise again, and I like being myself - so that's been huge. To have that feeling of "oh, I love being me!" and sharing that with the world. I feel like I just wanna go out and be like "This is me! Everyone get to know me, I'm great!" haha.
My self-worth is hugely different. So, if things in relationships don't go right, I'm not thinking "oh I should have done this different" or "it must be something in me that's lacking" anymore. Now I look at more from a point of view of "you're not right for me." or "you have your issues that you need to work out and it's nothing to do with me".
So I definitely feel more secure in myself. And I've learnt so much! The greatest thing that I've learnt is that I have the power - it's my life and I can create it. It's all down to me.

What's been your experience working with Alicia?

After every session I always go away and think "oh my God, I feel amazing".
It really boosts my confidence, makes me feel empowered, makes me feel like "I can create my life. I'm doing what I want to do and I'm making the choices. Nothing else affects this, it's just all me."
I just really enjoyed the process, it's been really interesting. From the beginning it was great because I had that support and I really needed that connection every week. I feel like I've learnt things and Alicia's given me so many useful techniques and meditations and tools to use on my own.
So I've really enjoyed every session - even when they've been a bit emotional or difficult, it still felt so beneficial.

What has your experience been with Alicia's method, Rapid Consciousness Transformation Method (RCTM)™?

Like it says in the name, it's a really rapid way of dealing with things which most people expect to take a long time to address. The method is so quick, so you're not dwelling on things, it just addresses the root cause and changes the way you think about it, and then you experience the benefits of it straight away.
It's just amazing how it works because it is so quick. I think anyone going into it needs to be open to it and just go with it.
I really liked not having to talk about things from the past over and over again. Most counselling is focusing on your problems and you're just constantly feeding into them by continually talking about it; whereas with this method, you're focusing on the desired reality and what you want and how you want to be, so those "problems" just fade away. That was so powerful to me.
It was completely amazing and completely right and I can't love it any more than I do.

Personalised Programs

Embark On a Journey Towards Your Own Radical Freedom...

Work with me 1-on-1 through a multi-faceted program, with care and support throughout your journey.

With any program, receive a BONUS relaxation hypnosis audio to relieve stress and prime your mind for maximum success in the rest of your journey.

Here's an example of a program:

Self Freedom Transformational Journey

As the client, all you need to do is show up and be willing to partake in the session - it's that easy.

"I would recommend Alicia to literally everyone, regardless of whether or not they believe in therapy, because it just works. Also she has an impressive background in science and she explained what was happening in hypnosis in a way that made so much sense to someone who doesn’t believe in mind-altering therapy or hypnotherapy. I know that before I would have scoffed at all these things I’m saying now, but just by talking to Alicia, it dismantles the stigma that many people attach to words like ‘hypnotherapy’ today.
I’m proof that it will work for anyone."
- Brian. R, age 21, Athlete, UK
"As an unexpected benefit I now realise that I should bear no resentment, guilt or shame towards my behaviour as a child... This has led me to finally be at peace with who I am."

- Samuel M, age 56, Mechanic, Cornwall
"I have had many RTT sessions before with other therapists, and I have never felt so safe in a session before. As a result of that, we went a lot deeper than I have ever gone before in any other session… the session was a catalyst for me to finally overcome the visibility problems I had been experiencing in my own business. Within two weeks of the session, my LinkedIn profile views had increased by 250%, and I booked twice as many sales calls as before our session. It would be impossible to put a value on the session with Alicia because the life time value of the increase in self belief is simply priceless."
- Bianca Riemer, age 41, Entrepreneur, UK

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