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If you’ve tried “Law of Attraction” and it didn’t work, then you need to read this.

Combining science and the best-kept secrets of manifesting to create massive success. Plus a short meditation practice that does it all for you.

Alicia Rios Wilks

This guide will touch on everything you need to know to manifest successfully and predictably. If you want to turn your wishes into reality, turn thoughts into things, then read on to discover exactly how to do it.

If you’ve tried “Law of Attraction” and it didn’t work, then this is for you.

So, what’s manifesting and HOW do I get it to actually work?

This is a question I hear frequently, and for good reason. Much of the information available on the web is severely incomplete, leaving people confused, frustrated and quite frankly sceptical about the whole idea of “manifesting”.

Manifesting, or “consciously creating” as I prefer to call it, is the process of taking something that doesn’t yet exist and bring it into existence. It’s deciding you’d like to make something a reality (such as a happy relationship, a tonne of money, great health or a successful business) and making it real. It is literally having something you desire turn up in your life.

Now, although the concept has gained huge popularity, it seems to work for some but certainly not for the majority, or else – let’s be honest - we’d have a lot more people who are rich and happy and problem-free. The conclusion that most people come to when they try and fail is “it must be me. I’m the reason it doesn’t work”. They take the lack of success personally and begin to believe that there’s something wrong with them, or at least that they need to change or “fix” themselves before they can ever see real success or happiness. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, everyone can manifest. In fact, we’re all doing it all the time, it’s just that we’re usually doing it unconsciously so we don’t realise that we’re doing it. For this reason, most people’s lives are primarily determined by their subconscious beliefs and programs. However, the kind of manifesting we’re interested in is the deliberate kind, the act of consciously (by choice) creating your life. At this point, many of you will be thinking “but I have been trying to do that! I am trying to manifest deliberately, it just doesn’t work!”. And that’s the reason I’m writing this guide – because I know it can work for you, you just need the complete list of the things you must do.

To explain how and when to use these principles, I will at times put them in the context of the meditation that I created to go hand-in-hand with this guide. However, please note, you don’t have to buy the meditation in order to apply these concepts, it’s just a convenient and effective way of doing it.

1.    Structure

It isn’t that people who can purposefully manifest have some genetic mutation that gives them magic powers, they’re actually just operating out of a different framework. Success isn’t personal, it’s structural. What do I mean by that? I mean some people are trying to get to the end of the street on a wooden box, some on a rocking chair, while others are on a skateboard. None of them are more or less capable of getting down the street, and they’re all using the same materials -wood- (we’re imagining wooden wheels on the skateboard), but that box is going nowhere, and no matter how much momentum you build on the rocking chair, any movement forward is gonna swing right back! You see, with the same components you can make different structures. A cubic box has a different structure compared to a rocking chair, and a chair holds a different structure to a skateboard.

How this applies to manifesting is that the way we orient to the world determines our structure. Our orientation is based on how we view, or judge, our present life and present “self” compared to our desired future and our future “self”. We all take the same components: life as it is now “current reality” (point A), what we want to manifest “desired reality” (point B), and a route from A to B “obvious action”. However, with those 3 components, we can make different structures. The structure we’re in determines whether we “flow” to point B with ease (like travelling on a skateboard), or “oscillate” (move towards point B but then move backwards, repeatedly, like being on a rocking chair), or just get stuck and move nowhere (like being on a stationary box). There’s a lot more to say about structure and the correct structure, but that’s beyond the scope of this guide. Truly getting people into this correct, flowing structure (new way of living) fully, and holding them to it until it becomes second nature, is what I do as a coach. No doubt it’s much easier to step into a new structure when you have a coach there for you, because you can’t see your own blind spots, but for those of you who want to try it solo, I’m happy to share some BIG principles here with you for free. If you truly apply these principles written here, then you will begin to change your structure.

2.    Intuition & True Choices

Intuition is a natural ability of ours that unfortunately many people have learnt to ignore. The good news is, it’s never too late to master your intuition – I teach people young and old this invaluable skill. However, you don’t need to master it in order to use it for these next steps. Intuition has a lot to offer when it comes to manifesting. I’m not saying you need to start predicting the future, but I do know that when a person can receive intuitive insights regarding things they wish to manifest, it makes a huge difference.

During this meditative journey that I've created you will enter a deep state of relaxation, designed to fully calm the mind and allow you to unwind. Once relaxed, you will then be guided to connect with your heart. The importance of this is that your heart is the centre of oneness and wholeness, and it’s your connection to the superconscious field of information (rigorous scientific studies suggest the physical heart is coupled to a field of information that isn't bound by the classical limits of time and space [1]). The heart, therefore, is a gateway to your intuition. After connecting with your heart, I will guide you to utilize your intuition to receive insights into what you truly want in life - your heart’s desire - un-skewed by “egoic agenda” (the agenda of the ego is to resolve a way that we feel incomplete, rather than just going for what we actually want).

These things that you truly want are referred to as “true choices”. This is an important step for many reasons. Firstly, knowing your truest desires is the first step in manifesting them – to create with precision and predictability you must be clear on what you are choosing to create. Secondly, by making true choices i.e. from your heart and not your “ego mind”, you will be able to create out of inspiration, rather than needing to rely on motivation. This is because the choices are true to you, therefore your desire and love for them will not waver or change and you will build momentum with ease. You will be creating out of love rather than out of lack or a feeling that you need to complete yourself. This is a little-known key to success when it comes to predictable creation (manifesting). When you’re in true creation, there is only 1 reason to do it: because you’d just love to have it. Any other reason and you’re just convincing yourself.

Another huge benefit of connecting into your heart is that it will help you to reach a state of heart-brain coherence, or “psychophysiological coherence”. This is significant because scientific research shows that when the brain becomes more coherent, it affects the autonomic nervous system. Coherence increases emotional stability and increases synchronization and harmony in the functioning of physiological systems (the body).  Moreover, when the brain is coherent it is able to clearly link your intention (creating your desired outcome) with the elevated emotions that you will be feeling i.e. it understands that you really want something, and that it feels good to have it. You can think of it as getting your brain on board with what you want.

So, what are the important things to remember about intuition?

  • You can access it by connecting with your heart, which in and of itself can bring health benefits
  • You want to first calm your mind, to get out of thoughts and feelings
  • You can then ask a question and receive intuitive answers
  • You want to ask “what would I truly love to have, purely for the love of it?”

3.    The End Result

Another powerful aspect of this meditation is that you will be guided into experiencing the emotion of the “end result”. What do I mean by the end result? I mean the true completion of that which you want to create, not a stepping stone (a point along the process). An end result isn’t something you want in order to get something else, no, it’s the very essence of what you truly want, regardless of what you conceive as the process of getting it. A simple way of identifying whether or not you are in the true end result or not is to ask yourself “why do I want that?” If the answer is anything other than “because I’d just love it”, then it’s a sign that you’re not in the true end result. For example, let’s say you choose “to have a more successful business”. If I were to ask “why” and the answer was “so that I could pay other people to do the work and I could spend more time with my family”, then the true end result is actually “to enjoy spending lots of time with my family”. You see, in that example, you only wanted your business to be more successful so that you had the freedom to spend time with family. The business was a stepping stone for a different result. The reasons it’s crucial to focus on the end result are two-fold. First is the difference in energy when you tune into them (when you imagine and experience them). If you’re tuning into something that is just a stepping stone for something else, there will be far less energy for you there. In simplistic terms, it won’t feel as good. The desire won’t be nearly as strong as if you were to tune into the real end result because, using this example, you don’t really desire the business, what you really want is the time with family. You see, you want the maximum desire, the maximum “pull” towards the result because that way, your tendency for taking action towards it will be at its greatest i.e. you will be more likely to take action towards the goal. And taking aligned action is crucial to creation. This is a critical concept. Somewhat contrary to the popular “Law of Attraction”, action must be taken in the physical world in order to create in this 3D reality that we live in. It is not that the Law of Attraction is false, rather, to refer to the hermetic principle of duality, “all truths are but half-truths”. It is a half-truth. What most people don’t tell you is that in order for the Law ofAttraction to work, you also need the Law of Action, so to speak… and in order for the Law of Action to work, you need the Law of Correct Action… and so on. Accordingly, it is still important to do things towards your desired result as well as the meditations and being receptive etc.

The second reason you want to establish the very “end result”, rather than focussing on a process to get there, is because it leaves room for unexpected synchronicities. Our regular self-conscious awareness is limited, it cannot see all the possibilities that exist in the superconscious, or quantum, field. It’s easy for us to believe that “in order to get this I have to do this”; what we often don’t realise is that that’s only one path amongst many. It’s only one of the possible routes. Our regular awareness isn’t open to the multitude of ways in which something could manifest in our lives. So, for us to determine that it must be a particular way is to limit our options, and it’s a common mistake that makes the creation process slower and more difficult. In essence, if we focus on the result and not the process, it allows for things to show up in unexpected ways.

Furthermore, all physical matter is created from the superconscious field (all matter exists first in the non-physical plane, then in the physical plane). When we consciously create from the field rather than from the limits of what currently exists physically, we can bring things into being that would have seemed completely out of reach. We can also exert greater, more immediate effects in our material world.

4.     Your Vibration

Another key aspect of this meditation is a concept referred to as “quantum jumping”. The concept is based on one of the principle interpretations of quantum mechanics, and it is a premise that can be used to help you rapidly shift into a different vibrational state.

Now, what do I mean by vibrational state?

 Everything in our universe is made of energy that is vibrating. You may even have heard the quote attributed to Einstein “Everything in life is vibration”. Even things that appear solid are actually made up of vibrational energy fields at the most fundamental level (the quantum level). Now, the rate at which something is vibrating is called the frequency, measured in hertz (Hz). Logically, different things are vibrating at a different frequency. So the cells in your body, your thoughts, your emotions, and your current state of being can all be measured in terms of frequency. For example, more “positive” emotions vibrate at higher frequencies than more “negative” ones. This is relevant to your life because if all things are energy - and energy interacts with energy- this means then that everything is affected by everything. In fact, science has already proven that even thoughts and feelings influence physical matter. So, your current state of being is affecting the world around you.

What does this mean when it comes to manifesting?

The way you would feel, and be, once your manifestation is complete holds a specific vibrational frequency due to those emotions and thoughts etc. that you would be experiencing. Think of it as an energetic signature. This “signature” is most likely different to your current energy (how you feel right now, living in your current reality). You therefore don’t “match” the desired reality in terms of your energy. If, however, you shift your current signature to a new one, you will be emitting a different frequency and, therefore, the way you interact with the world – and the way the world interacts with you - will change.

 When we experience the emotions of a potential future before that reality collapses from energy to matter – from the non-physical plane to the physical plane – research, such as that by Dr. Joe Dispenza, shows that we literally synchronize ourselves to the energy of that new future.

“By consciously and intentionally creating a new potential reality with your mind and brain, you are sending a signal out into the quantum field. By the same means, by embracing the elevated emotions of your future creation before the experience happens, your heart will produce a strong magnetic field that will draw your future to you.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

So, by experiencing it, holding your focus on it, and being present with it, you are entangling your energy with that potential reality. You are embodying it before you physically have it so that it can it can flow to you, and you can flow to it. Put plainly, if you’re in a vibration, you’ll experience the reality of that vibration. If you change your vibration, you’ll experience a different reality – and this effect is immediate.

5.     Your Identity

The act of quantum jumping, as demonstrated in this meditation, will help you to instantaneously shift your vibration, to step into truly embodying your desired self, thus shifting your identity. An identity is simply a set of values, a belief, a world view, a behaviour. It's the way you are. This is vital to creating sustainable results because “you must be it to see it”. By embodying the person (the identity) that already has the thing you want, not only do you change your energy but you also avoid self-sabotage and self-doubt and all the other destructive consequences of what we call “psychological tension”. Psychological tension is what people are experiencing when they finally get what they wanted, but it doesn’t last – somehow they lose it – because their identity is in opposition to the new manifestation.

To explain this further, if your identity says, for example, “I’m not worthy of success” because, unbeknownst to you, that is the conclusion that your subconscious mind has drawn based on your lived experience so far in life, then if you do achieve success in some point in your life this is suddenly in contradiction to your identity (which believes you are not worthy). It creates a subconscious strain, or tension, because it doesn’t feel familiar or safe to be someone achieving success, and it threatens your core belief that you’re not worthy. Indeed, your brain literally experiences this as a threat. In fact, studies using brain scans have shown that the part of your brain that “lights up” when a person is in physical danger, with their life threatened, is the same part of the brain that lights up when a core belief is challenged. So it’s no wonder that this most often results in the person somehow sabotaging or losing said success. This can create oscillation in a person’s life (a kind of yo-yo effect where they get something and then lose it, and move towards it again and then bounce backwards - remember the rocking chair metaphor), because they’re going for something they want, but their identity doesn’t match the scenario in which they actually have it. When you can become the person that “has it” already, then when it does show up in your life you can keep it - because it feels the same as before, you haven't changed, and therefore your subconscious mind sees it as “safe” and will not fight against it.

How do you “have it” before you have it, so to speak? You train your mind and body to be familiar with the experience of having it (the emotional experience). You begin to live your days feeling as good as if you already had what you want. For example, you feel abundant before the money shows up, or you feel love and loving before the relationship shows up. You take the action that you’d take if you were already the kind of person who has it. This is the act of shifting your identity to match your desired reality.

6.     Consistency

I’ve taken you through some very advanced concepts, and it’s important that you apply them with consistency. You want to develop a daily practice so that they really start to become second nature and allow you to manifest with success.

With all that said, the great thing is it doesn’t need to take hours to harness the potential of applying these principles. When you meditate with precision, the practice can be fun, fast and effective. I have designed this guided journey so that it can fit into a daily schedule with ease – it only takes about 20 minutes so it won’t put a strain on your day and it will be easier to commit to. So, if you’re serious about consciously creating the ultimate life that you’d just love to live, use this powerful meditation as part of your daily practice, or alternate with other meditations of your choice.

About The Author

Alicia Rios Wilks specialises in human consciousness, physical performance and transformation. She has pioneered a new method for transformation and personal development which works in-depth with all 3 levels of consciousness simultaneously to create powerful, lasting shifts in consciousness – ‘Rapid Consciousness Transformation’. She is a published scientific author and former scientist in the field of biology and biomedical research.

Alicia is the founder and creator of Self Freedom and Radical Freedom where she now works with people across the world to change their lives, break limits, achieve their highest potential and consciously create a life they love. Alicia is a professional, licensed Rapid Transformational Therapist, hypnotherapist and Magnetic Mind Coach.

[1] McCraty,R, 2015, Science of the Heart. Exploring the Role of the Heart in Human Performance, HeartMath Institute, USA

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