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From imposter syndrome to success, from pain to power, from limits to creation.

How to shift your reality in big ways.

Alicia Rios Wilks

Many people don’t fully realise that human beings are immensely powerful, more so than we ever realised before. More and more studies are showing us that we have capabilities and potential far beyond what we once thought. In fact, the quantum model of reality points at infinite possibilities – literally infinite realities. Quantum mechanics shows that the very act of observing subatomic energy and matter (the building blocks of all things, including you and I) actually alters their properties and behaviour. This is known as “collapse of the wave function” or “observer effect”. Experiments show that electrons actually simultaneously exist in an infinite number of possible places, in wave (energy) form, and only once an observer focuses attention onto any of those given locations does the electron appear in particle (physical) form. Thus, consciousness (an act of observing) and matter are innately connected. If the way you observe something affects how it is, then your subjective mind has an effect on the nature of the world. Thus, change your mind (change your perception) and you change your reality.

‘Miracles’ happen more often than most realise and they happen for a reason, there are techniques behind them. We can create anything, if we focus on creation. For example, spontaneous remissions come about after a profound change in the mind. We really need to give up the idea of genetic determinism and realise that our genes do not dictate our destiny. In the words of Dr. Bruce H. Lipton in his masterful book The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles “We are not victims of our genes, but masters of our fates…” “… a cell's life is controlled by the physical and energetic environment and not by its genes. Genes are simply molecular blueprints used in the construction of cells, tissues, and organs. The environment serves as a "contractor" who reads and engages those genetic blueprints and is ultimately responsible for the character of a cell's life. It is a single cell's "awareness" of the environment, not its genes, that sets into motion the mechanisms of life.”

The reason I stress that you must focus on what you want is because whatever you focus on you get more of - because wherever you place your attention is where you are directing your energy. It is for this reason that when I work with people, it’s not just about freeing them from the issues, it’s about creating the life they desire. We discuss how they want to feel, act, react; what they wish to create in their life. It’s that new identity that we code into their subconscious. Why the subconscious? It’s the powerhouse of our individual reality - about 95% of our personality (the way we are and how we act), thus 95% of our personal reality, is due to programs at the subconscious level.

If we change how we show up in the world, then we’re able to create new possibilities and manifest that which we desire. After all, as many masters will tell you, you’ve got to be it to see it. If you want to create abundance in your life, you’ve got to feel like you’re already abundant – you must feel rich before you see the money. That way your current identity is not in conflict with the identity you are striving towards, so no part of you will try to pull you back in the opposite direction. “The quantum field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Essentially, you can’t stay the same and get a different outcome. You can’t create abundance if you’re living in a state of lack and scarcity. If you haven’t got what you truly want even though you’ve been consciously trying with all your might, it’s because there’s something beyond the level of the conscious mind that is in opposition to it – at some level you have an opposing identity to the identity you would like to assume. In every client I’ve seen there is always a part of them at the subconscious level that is actively working against what they consciously desire. Clients come to me because they want something, for example, to be more successful in their career, or to be slim, or to be free of anxiety and be confident and calm instead. The way I get them to finally achieve that goal (outcome) - that they’ve been trying for years to achieve, is by freeing them of their old beliefs and emotions that were working against them, thus freeing them of their old, limiting identity and their old, limited results.

To take the example of someone wanting more career success, one recent client of mine, a coach, was suffering from what many refer to as ‘imposter syndrome’ – that feeling that we’re simply not competent enough or ready enough to do our job as well as people expect. This was stopping her from putting out marketing content on social media, making her feel destined to fail, and even causing her to suddenly wake up every night at about 4am in terror and fear over what the future held. She was struggling to attract clients and felt there was something stopping her from creating financial abundance. In our transformational session together, we discovered that she had been holding onto deep-seeded beliefs – formed in fact within minutes of being born, and cemented in thereafter. These beliefs told her that there was something wrong with her, that she was destined to be rejected, that she was not worthy or deserving of love, and that it was always going to be this way. These beliefs had snowballed over time and she had come to believe at a subconscious level (unbeknown to her consciously) that she was unworthy of money, undeserving of having even her basic needs met let alone her desires, she was simply not good enough, and she was of no value to people - so no one would ever want her services because they (and she) were not worth it. Furthermore, she daren’t put herself out there and try to market herself because she had come to expect rejection. All these beliefs were hidden under the surface, silently controlling her actions and emotions and holding her back from all the success she desired. In that same session we even discovered subconscious reasons for her undesired weight gain!

As you can see, often we think we’re putting all our energy into a desired outcome, but in reality, a significant amount of our energy is in fact trying to drive us in the opposite direction. The good news is, once you shed light on these limiting or sabotaging subconscious programs, you don’t have to keep them! Just as I did with the aforementioned client, we can separate you from those old programs and empower you with new, beneficial ones which focus your energy on everything you do want. We get the other 95% of you to join your conscious intention of creating the life you desire.

Due to neuroplasticity, we can literally change your mind and physically rewire it in the way that you choose. In my clients own words, she now has “unshakeable self-belief which nobody can take away from me”. After the session she immediately reported “I feel lighter and almost like I have just dropped the burdens I was unconsciously hanging onto... you have helped me more than you will ever know… I feel so grateful for our session, you have literally changed my life”. About a week after our session she was contacted out of the blue by a man with a lot of connections who, firstly, wanted to sign up for coaching with her, and secondly, wanted to introduce her to his entire network. At the same time, she gained her first clients ever to have found her via her website and online presence. She was suddenly seeing success pop up for her all around, without struggle.

If we refer back to the observer effect and how your perception alters the outcomes, she was no longer seeing the world through her childhood eyes tainted with unworthiness, rather she was orienting herself to the world with a completely different identity - someone who knew she was worthy, deserving, lovable, good enough and who knew she provides value to people. We re-wrote the subconscious programs and literally wired her for success. She now embodied an empowered, confident woman who believed in herself and her abilities, thus her reality shifted to reflect that and she achieved entirely outcomes – success and abundance.

You see, your future is not pre-determined – not by your current mind, and not even by your genetics, as the field of epigenetics now proves. In a few more words from Dr. Bruce Lipton “we are not powerless biochemical machines… It is not gene-directed hormones and neurotransmitters that control our bodies and our minds; our beliefs control our bodies, our minds, and thus our lives”

So everyone is capable of success. You are capable of achieving what you want to achieve, no matter your life thus far. Even if up to this point life has given you rotten oranges when you asked for lemons, you can still make lemonade. We are more powerful than our past. Our past is only significant if we want it to be. Success is about believing in a future even without proof from the past. It’s about giving your future more significance than your past. My message to you is that no matter how your life currently looks, there is nothing wrong with you; you are not broken. You can have the life you desire.

When I work with people in a transformational session, they get to see those limiting beliefs and understand where they came from. This gives them the power to choose to let go of them as they don’t serve them and they were likely created when they were just a child and saw the world from a child’s perspective. Alas, once they let go, they’re no longer held back by them – and this aspect works instantaneously. As Dr. Joe Dispenza puts it, “When you are observing the old self, you are no longer the program, now you are the consciousness observing the program and that’s when you begin to objectify your subjective self.” By becoming the consciousness observing the undesired programs, you are no longer controlled by them; you have successfully separated yourself from them.

Furthermore, by allowing my clients to review the root cause of their presenting issue with an updated perspective, they reclaim their power that they once gave away to that event. Many people feel powerless in their life, but it’s not because they’re any less powerful than the most successful people in the world who seem to have it all – no, it’s because at some point in time they gave their power away to some external source - be it an event, a person, or a concept. However, when you allow someone to witness that moment or context in which they gave up their power, they’re able to take it back. And they do. I get to witness my clients literally reclaiming their power, and when they do that – when they place the power back in their own hands, they’re able to create huge shifts in their life. From that moment on, they’re the ones in charge. They become the primary creative force in their lives. In actual fact, they always were, but they weren’t aware of it, so they hadn’t been creating what they desired, rather, they created what their subconscious mind decided would ensure their survival. It is important to understand that it was you (via your experiences) that created the beliefs and identities that are either holding you back or giving you what you want. But once you realise you can change them, you simultaneously realise how powerful you are.

You see, understanding is a great power, and when you take the emotional charge out of a memory, it becomes wisdom, rather than an invisible tether holding you back. Untie yourself from the negative emotions of your past, and open yourself up to the emotions you want in your future. After all, emotions are chemicals that move throughout the body and these chemicals alter the environment in which your cells live. That cellular environment effects the expression of your genes by altering their epigenetic regulation. This is why chronic stress causes disease, and why elevated emotions have a healing effect.

Another example of how all this works can be seen in another of my clients. He presented with back pain – he’d injured himself at work but that was a while ago and his back didn’t seem to be getting any better despite rest and the usual medical advice. In fact, after a slight improvement, it was getting worse for no apparent reason. We had a session and, as usual, the root cause came to light. Subconsciously he felt under a lot of pressure to get things done, mainly at work, but he felt unsupported and had learnt from a young age not to express weakness nor to ask for help. Thus, his subconscious decided the only way to allow him to take well-needed rest and get support from others was to physically stop him by inducing pain (and the spine being the body’s support system, it acted as a metaphor for his beliefs around having no support). Interestingly, physical pain is often a way that the body expresses emotional pain when it cannot find another outlet (words or tears). In this case, as he wouldn’t verbalise his need for help, his body was crying out for him. Needless to say we addressed the underlying causes (beliefs), did lots of transformational work, and re-directed his energy - from dis-ease to healing - into creating a strong, healthy back. After our session his back improved immediately and continued to improve until, within weeks, the pain was completely gone; his back was healed and strong, and it has long-since remained that way.

On the topic of our physical health, the issue is that many people have subconsciously learnt during childhood to feel helpless, and the nature of our society encourages us to be powerless by telling us we should be dependent on pharmaceutical drugs and dependent on external sources for both health and happiness. Therefore, early on we’re taught to give up and ignore our power to self-heal (create health). The most well-measured yet oh-so understated example of this innate ability to self-heal through the direction of the mind is the placebo effect. Evidence shows that in most clinical trials, the placebo “fake” drugs are as effective as the engineered pharmaceutical drug. Studies even suggest that when patients know they’re not getting a “real” drug, the placebo pills still work! Yet we spend billions on these “real” drugs and discourage alternative treatments.

And this effect isn’t isolated to treatment via pills. In a Baylor School of Medicine study, a group of people suffering from severe, debilitating knee pain were either given standard surgical treatment for arthritic knees, or, for one group, they were given “fake” surgery. Incredibly, patients who simply had a few skin incisions made under sedation in order to trick them into believing they’d had surgery (when they really hadn’t), actually recovered equally to patients who had undergone real knee surgery (either shaving of damaged cartilage or flushing out the knee joint). These results show that the entire benefit of expensive surgery for osteoarthritis of the knee is purely the placebo effect – purely the result of holding a belief in the mind.

So never underestimate the power of your mind. Beliefs can create ‘miracles’, and can equally create disease – I see evidence of both mechanisms in my clients. Of course, the disease comes before I see them, but then comes the healing through the power and direction of their own mind. Please note, this is not to say that western medicine doesn’t have a place in society – as I biologist I learnt very well the huge benefits of modern medicine. It is to say, however, that we should not rely on it anywhere near as much as we do today. We need to implement our own abilities on a consistent basis to maintain and increase health. And we need to stop lying to ourselves and giving all our power away to the pharmaceutical industry.

When you reclaim your power you realise that you can create whatever you want in your life - using the very same method by which you originally created the things you don’t want – by creating subconscious programs. That’s why I give my clients a hypnosis recording to listen to every day for 21 days after the session – the mind learns by repetition. By repetitively coding new programs into your subconscious mind, you can create permanent, positive change.

So, now that you see the power of our minds, ask yourself: what beliefs are you holding? How are you orientating yourself to the world? Where have you been placing your energy? And what would you like to create? Break through old, false, limiting beliefs, unlock your human potential and go for what you want. ‘Un-limit’ your mind and you ‘un-limit’ your life.

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